htsw9ucdzkonltjli5s9jzxvp8l.jpgWelcome to the parish and school community of St. Francis of Assisi! Our patron, St. Francis has become one of the best known and well loved saints by Christians and non-Christians alike. There is something about this saint that really appeals to us. Perhaps we are drawn to his love for creation, nature, and all God’s creatures, great and small. We desire that which God desires for us, that there to be a peace and harmony, not only in our world, but in our inner lives. We see, in this man’s earthly life, a deeper quest for the meaning and purpose of life and how happiness can truly be attained by simply living out Christ’s Gospel calling by loving God and our neighbor, especially the poor and unloved. And what we discover in a radical way is how St. Francis gave up material things and especially his attachment to sin, for a life of simplicity and love joined to the saving cross of Christ! In short, the saint teaches us again the basic truth: that the most important things in life are not things at all.

St. Francis once said, “Do not wish, nor want, nor be pleased, or cheered by anything but our Creator, Redeemer and Savior, the unique and true God, that is the absolute good, the full good, whole good, the supreme and true good.” As a parish and school, this is our goal.

What I have personally discovered in my time here as pastor of St. Francis Parish and School is a community that seeks to live out this ideal through warm welcome, true friendship in Christ and committed service to others. I in turn welcome you to our website and to our parish and school community, a community that is joined in the love of Christ, especially at the Mass where Mary, Our Blessed Mother, St. Francis and all the angels and saints help us to love and worship Christ in the Holy Eucharist and love one another. As pastor, I look forward to meeting you, and sharing together the friendship and love of Christ who is the source of all life, unity and love!

Sincerely yours,
Father Jeff Statz