Examination of Conscience

Conscience is not something that allows us to justify doing whatever we want, nor is it a mere “feeling” about what we should or should not do. Rather, it is the capacity of every human person to recognize the difference between right and wrong, and evaluate actions in light of this knowledge.

So, based on the knowledge of right and wrong, we logically evaluate every act. Because this is serious, and should not be based on guesswork, Catholics have a lifelong obligation to form their consciences in accord with human reason and the teaching of the Church; a constant effort to try to find out what is really right.

As we reflect on Respect Life issues, please consider the following:

Do I realize that we are in a significant battle with the Culture of Death that directly impacts our ability to practice our faith?

Do I realize the urgency of my being an informed, active participant in our society in order to protect life and our practice of our religion?

If I don’t understand some aspect of the Church’s teaching, do I obstinately reject it, or make a true effort to learn why it is as taught?

Do I give scandal, that is, lead others to sin because of my public rejection of Church respect life teaching (e.g., with my family and friends, or as a Catholic legislator who acts/votes anti-life, yet receives communion)?

Did I help someone commit anti-life acts (such as abortion, or using abortion-inducing drugs), or not get them help from any of the pro-life pregnancy care agencies?

Do I understand that the Catholic Bishops (USCCB) have made Respect Life the #1 priority, or disqualifying, issue in our role as faithful citizens? In other words, do I realize I cannot do a “scorecard” approach to making decisions when they involve intrinsic evil such as abortion and euthanasia?

Any one or any organization that supports anti-life issues (or any intrinsic evil) & does not change, automatically disqualifies him/her/itself from consideration of my support and participation, regardless of his /her / it’s position on other issues.

Please call the Parish Office at (603) 424-3456 with questions, or to set up an educational session.