Previous Winners' Essays

2019/2020 WINNERS

Theme: In what ways is unacceptable mass violence tied to our society's accepted violence (such as abortion), and what can I do to help reduce violence in our society?

Walter Antal (age 11), Newport
Leah Caron (age 14), Laconia
Danielle Caron (age 16), Laconia
Ellie Caron (age 17), Laconia
Emily King (age 14), Nashua
Teresa Bompastore (age 15), Londonderry
Rose Williams (age 16), Concord
Maggie McGee (age 16), Concord
Marco Caraballo (age 15), Manchester


2018/2019 WINNERS

Theme: What can I do now, and what would I like to do in the future to promote a Culture of Life in our country?

Justin Gandia (age 16), Litchfield (A St. Francis of Assisi Parishioner!)
Elizabeth Orlowski (age 18), Bristol
Lillian Williams (age 17), Concord
Maggie McGee (age 15), Concord
Catherine Martin (age 14), Francestown
Olivia Murray (age 14), Salem
Serena Lemay (age 13), Manchester
Reagan O’Neill (age 14), Laconia
Amelia Moody (age 13), Woodsville
Keegan Norton (age 11), Pelham


2017/2018 WINNERS

Theme: How would you respond to claims that Pro-Life denies a woman's "choice"?

Conor Bosworth (age 13), Epping
Sullivan Mousseau (age 13), Laconia
Caleb Moody (age 13), Woodsville
Jeffrey Moody (age 14), Woodsville
Maive Smith (age 13), Manchester
Leah Caron (age 13), Laconia
Martha Larson (age 12), Goffstown
Caroline Hayes (age 17), Londonderry
Michelle Dominguez (age 17), Londonderry
Marissa Labrie (age 15), Alton Bay


2016/2017 WINNERS

Theme: If a friend told me she wanted to have an abortion, what would I say to her to help her choose life?

Faith Hohenadel (age 11), Goffstown
Jonah Dionne (age 12), Milford
Nathan Kearney (age 12), Londonderry
Molly Macklin (age 12), Hudson
Maya Brennan (age 14), Milford
Amelia Brennan (age 15), Milford
Alyssa Griffin (age 15), Londonderry
Jacinta Hogan (age 15), Newport
Jason Dominguez (age 17), Hudson
Tatania King (age 18), Londonderry