Youth Ministry

“The Church entrusts to young people the task of proclaiming to the world the joy which springs from having met Christ. Dear friends, allow yourselves to be drawn to Christ, accept his invitation to follow him. Go and preach the Good News that redeems; do it with happiness in your hearts and become communicators of hope in a world which is often tempted to despair, communicators of faith in a society which at times seems resigned to disbelief, communicators of love, in daily events that are often marked by a mentality of the most unbridled selfishness.”

Welcome to the St. Francis of Assisi Youth Ministry Program, where we seek to facilitate an encounter with Christ and an enriching of faith for the youth of our parish. Inspired by the vision of St. John Paul II, the foundation of our program consists of:

Deepening our prayer life through regular Adoration, the Rosary, the Divine Mercy chaplet, and more.
Growing in fellowship through our regular meetings and other group events that foster fun, relaxation, and connection.
Selfless service through volunteer opportunities at our parish and in our community.

When do you meet?
Each Youth Group meets once a month on Sundays, 5:00-7:00 PM. For meeting dates, click the link below for our current program.

Who can join?
Middle School Youth Group is open to Grades 5-8. High School Youth Group is open to Grades 9-12. We are always looking for Youth Volunteer Workers, who must be over the age of 18, and practicing the Catholic faith.

Contact: Gabi Gilliland

Click here to read, download and print our *UPDATED* 2019-2020 Youth Ministry Program

Every week, our Youth Minister sends out an email newsletter for the Middle School Youth Group and the High School Youth Group. Each newsletter includes reminders of upcoming events, important announcements, and a reflection on the topic of the week. Parents AND students who have their own email addresses are encouraged to subscribe! Click the links below:

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